TREND: Mix and Not Match

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s finally April here in New York City, and before we can get a taste of Spring, we must first overcome the rain – and lots of it. However, the Fashionista can’t seem to wait for May because I can see the flowers blooming already on her top and scarf.

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the biggest trends this season is prints and patterns. The bigger and bolder the print, the better, and with so many prints and patterns to choose from, why not pick two? This Fashionista did just that and mixed two of the biggest prints this season by wearing a floral chiffon top and a purple paisley scarf. The softness of her chiffon floral top and paisley scarf offsets the harsh weather looming over the city, as well as, the harshness of her black leather boots and bomber jacket.

You can incorporate this Fashionista’s wardrobe into yours by mixing and not matching prints and patterns. Mixing prints and patterns need not be hard if you mix prints that are of the same color palette. Mixing florals and paisley worked well for this Fashionista because she mixed two cool colors that are comforting to the eyes. For spring, why not pair a floral top like this one from ASOS with this paisley skirt from Topshop. You can top off your outfit with a simple pair of brown sandals and a black cardigan like this from J. Crew and you’re ready to go – spring, here we come!

Hint: Remember, mix and not match. You do not want to look like a wallpaper. Stick to pieces that are of the same color palette or pair one bold colored print with another more neutral hues print.

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