TREND: Mix Mastery

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the mirror asking yourself questions like; does this shirt go with that skirt? Or, will that print clash with those stripes? I know I’m always sifting through my wardrobe, stressing over what matches and what ‘goes’ together. However, this season we can breathe a sigh of relief because it’s all about mixing prints, patterns and silhouettes. 

Take a look at this Fashionista, whose outfit has mastered the mixing of hardcore pieces and soft feminine pieces. How awesome does her tailored jacket look with her feminine lace skirt? I love that this Fashionista isn’t afraid to embrace different patterns. The military jacket is structured, a little tough and is accented with brass buttons. The skirt is an olive green lace, still in tune with her military theme, but serves as a great feminine contrast to the somewhat sharp sculpture of her jacket. She proves that you can give visual interest and make a statement through your wardrobe by mixing contrasting textures and styles. Try to find something androgynous or tailored, like a jacket or pair of cargo pants and pair them with a lace top, or dress. Don’t stress about matching your outfits head-to-toe, but be unconventional this season and mix masculine tailoring with ladylike, lacey frocks.

Hint: If you are looking for something frilly and lacey to go with your sharp-edged jackets and pants, check out American Apparel. This season they have a ton of lace garments in a variety of styles and colors. Most of the lace pieces are basics and will be really easy to pair with a variety of garments you probably already have in your closet! 

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