TREND: Mixing Bold Colors and Patterns

Blue, yellow, and cheetah-print are what drew my eyes to this Fashionista. How can someone ignore a girl who is a walking color palette? She is clearly an artist since she chose to splash color over her black dress with her yellow coat and blue bag. Her cheetahlicious tights and shoes help make this outfit a vivid masterpiece. Personality is far from lacking in her outfit, yet her look is tasteful. Sometimes I tend to think that professional attire is boring, but ever so often I run into people who remind that it doesn’t have to be. This Fashionista inspired me. I can envision myself wearing this outfit to a day of interning at a fun magazine. Everyone should have something stand out about their work attire. A colorful piece of jewelry, patterned tights, a bold overcoat or a wild pair of shoes will do the trick. Not all Fashionistas may be as brave as this Fashionista, who freely mixed different things together, but even the most conservative girl can stand to add a little spice to her attire.

Hint: If you work in a place where you cannot go wild with your attire, don’t fret. You too can infuse your look with personality. If you wear a dark color to work then try wearing a bold piece of jewelry. This pink necklace could make a basic black dress fun. Textured tights add flair to a skirt or dress. Check out these ribbed tights from Forever 21.

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