TREND: Mixing Up Neutrals

There is nothing that screams “classic” more than a neutral trench coat. The shape, style and color have proven timeless throughout the decades. All fashion icons, from Audrey Hepburn to Jackie O. to Rihanna, have donned the piece at one point in time. So it comes as no surprise that this classic wardrobe staple has become a popular outerwear choice this season.

This week’s Fashionista has proven the timelessness of a trench. The classic piece turns trendy when paired with a mixture of neutral items. Her brown boots add a darker shade of tan that complements her coat, while a smoky brown scarf gives the look an additional layer of color. Gray socks peak through the top of her boots, lightening the look and adding an interesting detail. The black leggings make the coat’s buttons stand out while creating a dark backdrop. Today's Fashionista creates a trendy and individualized look through her styling. However, this technique of mixing colors and shades only works with neutrals because of their versatility.

To get a similar look as this Fashionista’s, try classic pieces in neutral shades. The most important element in reproducing this look is a classic tan trench coat. However, a classic trench can also be found in other neutral shades, such as smoky gray. To style the coat like our Fashionista, try flat tan boots with buckle accents with light gray socks peaking out underneath. Finish the look with a vintage-inspired scarf. This mix of neutral pieces will work together to create a trendy and classic ensemble.

Hint: Play around with your choice of socks to add interest to any pair of boots. It is an easy and chic way to instantly personalize a look. Try a pair of dark cable-knit knee-highs or an equestrian-inspired pair with gold accents.

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