TREND: Modern Basics

School is back in session but most of us are still in break mode. We feel uninspired and so the first thing we grab in our closet is anything basic. However, just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Case in point is this Fashionista right here. If you pick apart her outfit, you will notice that she is wearing all the must-have basics in her closet. She has the quintessential black boots, jeans and gray sweater. If you paired them all up, it might end up looking boring, but since our Fashionista knows how to pick the right cut and style, she keeps this outfit from looking too safe. The unusual cut and style of her sweater gives her outfit dimension and flair without making it seem that she’s trying too hard. Her choice in clothes makes it look like she just climbed out of bed and looked effortlessly chic.

Hint: For those looking for a way to dress chic effortlessly, take a cue from her. When shopping for basics, look for pieces that are interesting and can be worn in various ways. The right pair of jeans can take you from running errands around town to a fun night out. The same goes for the perfect pair of blacks boots and cozy sweater. Just be careful to not be too safe. Dare to try something different and if you're not feeling too adventurous, get it in a neutral color. 

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