TREND: Modern Denim

In my opinion, no one over the age of 16 should wear a denim mini skirt. So many times I see people even in college breaking my “rule”. To me, denim skirts look so jouvenille and make you appear to look so much younger than you actually are. The things I see paired with them are equally horrible; cowboy boots, flip flops, UGG boots, ugh it’s just a fashion disaster! I also don’t think they’re flattering on anyone who is trying to be stylish. They’re always just straight and super short and don’t do anything for anyone’s body type.

When I saw this Fashionista wearing a denim skirt, I was pleasantly surprised. The denim skirt she is wearing is unlike any I have previously seen. The denim is a darker wash, which I think plays down the aspect of it looking too young. The skirt also has a little flare and isn’t pencil straight. That helps the Fashionista look modern by playing up a flirty side of it. She also paired it with a studded belt that I love. It makes the skirt much more modern and semi-rocker while still being classy and not overdoing the rocker style. The white wool crochet sweater is perfect for the crazy weather we’ve been having in Kent (40 degrees when you go to class, 60 when you come out) and adds a sleek touch to the outfit. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I commend Fashionista’s who wear heels to class, and this Fashionista is no exception. Her black booties go flawlessly with the rest of her outfit and help to make it extremely current and chic.

Hint: Next time you think about wearing a denim mini skirt, try this skirt paired with this belt as an alternative. I promise you will look much more age appropriate and even more fabulous.

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