TREND: More is better, and better is more

Remember back, fifteen years ago, when the extent of our layering was our bobby socks over the leggings with the straps our mom bought us? I’m glad to say that that trend is thankfully left in the early 90’s where it belongs. But every era must have some kind of layering trend, and rightfully so this fashionista has nailed it.

According to one of the newest pages on layering the RIGHT way has caught the eyes of some of the biggest celebrities and starlets of right now. Even Gwen Stefani is making this her signature look. No, I’m not talking about the baggy layers Mary Kate Olson has been sporting for several years, or the homeless man down the street has been wearing for days. This look holds a strategic plan of action, one that can’t be throwing on an old pair of baggy pants and a cardigan.

1. Layers that mesh together effortlessly: as you can see with this Fashionista, she nailed the look just right. Her undershirt is flowy, not skin tight, to make for the effortless look. Next, a simple white cardigan gives the look a pop of life, with a vintage denim shirt underneath. Trust me, denim shirts aren’t just for cowboys and middle aged men anymore. Dark shorts over dark tights make the winter months seem playful again, and gives a subtle reminder that summer is just around the corner.

2. The perfect shoe: let me just say how genius these boots are. Functional in this slushy weather, but rugged looking and so in with the riding boots trend that’s all the rage. The camel color gives a nice contrast to the calmer colors of the outfit.

3. Ideal accessories: The purse is fabulous, making the outfit more dressed up due to its chained detail. The glasses give it the hipster vibe, and vintage jewelry is the upscale look the outfit needed.

Keep in mind that this look is about what you have and what looks good toghther.

Hint: Keep in mind that darker colors look better together, with one piece being bright. Make it your own!

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