TREND: Naturally Bold Neutrals

Early January brings snow and bitter temperatures to the students on Northwestern’s campus. Fortunately, the huge variability between the seasons gives Fashionistas/os a chance to diversify their wardrobe. This fashionista is not afraid to break the conventional rule of avoiding adjacent neutral color combinations by creating an ensemble that features neutrals. Her grey knee-socks offer practical warmth as well as a stylish reference to the classic prep-girl look. She boldly combined her neutral grey socks and warm brown boots, to create a look that is vibrant against the freshly powdered landscape. After all, it is the very nature of neutrals to provide a perfect compliment to any color, so why hesitate to combine such amenability with one another?

Hint: Offset any patterned shirt with a solid belt around your waist. Think of the cold weather as an opportunity to show off practical articles of clothing by layering tops with neutral vests and winter coats. Try looking for funky bags at common retailers for ideas and then explore second-hand stores or resale shops to find truly unique styles. Matching your footwear and

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