TREND: Nautical Necessities

Summer time is the perfect season to take a risk and dip into the nautical style for the first time. However, it can be tough to pull the open-sea look without looking as if you are a trashy sailor or that you are on your way to a costume party. I learned that pulling off the nautical look can be narrowed down to one tip: keep it simple. Take this week's Fashionista for example is sporting a cool blue romper with a simple sailor-like collar. She chooses to finish the look with some simple brown sandals and a chic leather satchel. The romper lets her show her fun, free spirited side while the leather satchel shows she can has a serious side. This Fashionista has pulled off the nautical look while still staying classy and sophisticated. Topping the look off with some vintage white sunglasses, the Fashionista is ready for a day out at sea or an afternoon downtown at a coffee shop with friends.

Hint: Pulling any kind of nautical look is generally pretty simple. The main colors are white and blue so putting together a blue and white striped dress/tee with a rope belt tying it all together would be perfect. Try this one from Topshop. Also, with such a flashy outfit try to keep the shoes simple. Summer is the best time to try on some new sandals like these, also from Topshop. So get out there in your nautical gear and, who knows, you may be a bit luckier with catching the “fish.”

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