TREND: Color Blocking with Neutrals

New York's Fashion Week has finally wrapped, and it's easy to see that neutrals are in for this season. But while khakis and camels ruled the runway, there's nothing that says good old black and white can't get some face time.

This Fashionisto did a great job of rocking the black-and-white palette. With his simple color-blocked ensemble, he took the most basic neutral hues and made them into a statement. His silver shoes and classic shades also added a touch of retro cool that helped his personal style shine through.

Imitating this look is simple. Not a fan of black and white, but still want to stay on the neutral bus? Try tans, browns, navys or greys instead. The key is to look for items that are of one solid color and match them with each other. Guys, combine a grey sweater with the darkest denim you can find. Girls, wear one hue throughout and polish off the look with a killer pair of nude pumps.

BU's colours are scarlet and white, so show a little school pride and add some scarlet accessories. This scarlet hat is perfect for an all white ensemble, and this pearl necklace is perfect for adding a noticeable but not overpowering embellishment. 

But don't forget that the color-blocking technique can also be used with brighter colors as well. If you're looking to make more of a statement, try wearing colored denim with a grey or white shirt and adding a pair of shoes in a complementary colour.

Whether you use neutrals like this Fashionisto or opt for brighter colors, color-blocking is an easy way to make a statement with simple items of clothing. The contrast between your chosen colors will make up for any missing ruffles or embellishments. 

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