TREND: Necessary Knits

Overcast, cold weather is not ideal for walking to class in, let alone getting out of bed. On days like this we are all tempted to keep pressing the snooze button and lay in bed listening to the calming sounds of the raindrops outside. However, when reality strikes and there is only ten minutes until class starts there’s a very limited amount of time to put together an outfit for all purposes; warmth, semi-waterproof, comfort and of course, all in style. There have been many times were this has been the case for me and I stand dumbfounded in front of my closet for five minutes just looking at my options. Then I come around yet again to realize that now I only have five minutes to get to class and I reach for my go-to, versatile outfit: boots, leggings and a sweater. Once it is all on, the end result is not a sloppy, last minute look, but comfortable yet fashionable.

Sweaters are the epitome of fall wear and thin ones are perfect for layering, while thicker ones for being worn by themselves. This Fashionista’s outfit is one that I personally love and wear very similar ones, too. The completely black base with her leggings, tank top and boots allows her to throw on any sweater over it resulting in a chic, laidback outfit. Her leather boots are ideal for days when the rain is on and off. They are a slimmer, more fashionable look than wellies and not to mention, much more comfortable, in my opinion. When this Fashionista walked by I had to snap a photo of her because stripped sweaters are one of my favorite pieces for this fall. The stripes have carried over from the nautical trend T-shirts in the summer to chunky knits with stripes, varying in thicknesses. There is a vast amount of sweater trends making an appearance in blogs and stores this fall, from cropped to sequined and there’s bound to be one that will fit your style. 

Hint: A completely different knit outfit that I have seen prevailing and curious to experiment with is the cropped sweater over a bandage skirt for a relaxed look when going out. Try this Dolce Vita sweater over any high waisted skirt with a pair of pumps to create a completely different look for a night out. On another note, be sure to check out Refinery29’s tempting article on this fall’s sweat trends to find which one is right for you.

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