TREND: Neon Accessories

I've recently become a big fan of vibrantly-colored jewelry and accessories. Thumbing through fashion magazines and surfing through the innumerable online fashion blogs, I've been excited to find that I'm not the only one who's noticed this neon trend; in fact, Teen Vogue recently featured an entire spread on brightly-colored accessories. It did not surprise me in the slightest bit when I spotted this Fashionista on campus; proudly sporting a neon necklace, this Fashionista illustrates just how on-top-of-trends the GWU community truly is.

This Fashionista's outfit is perfect for the neon accessories trend because it leaves room for a pop of color. This Fashionista expertly sports a pair of basic skinnies, a black peasant top, a peacoat, thick socks, and heeled motorcycle boots. I really love the simple embellishments on her top; they add a bit of dimension without being too much. Because her outfit is understatedly chic, however, your attention is immediately drawn to her amazing, turquoise-toned statement necklace. This Fashionista's necklace epitomizes this brightly-colored trend that I'm really loving, and she pulls this fun look off so well.

Hint: When experimenting with brightly-colored accessories, remember not to wear an outfit that could be too distracting.  A simple gray sweater paired with a black skirt and tights, or a chic all-black look (like a maxi dress) is all you'll need to rock this style. Looking for that perfect neon accessory or piece of jewelry? Try Max and Chloe or Miss Kara for some fun options!

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