TREND: Not Just Another Rag

En français, "chiffon" is a cloth or rag. But, "rag" sounds less attractive than "chiffon." Leave it to the French to make something as mundane as a rag sound beautiful. A rag is that torn up towel your mom uses to clean tabletops around the house. In the context of fashion, however, chiffon is lost in translation. Very different than the usual image of a rag, chiffon fabric is beautiful and lightweight. When used as an overlay, it can make a dress look elegant and stunning. To capture a soft elegance in your everyday look, add a chiffon top to your wardrobe. The fabric’s lightweight nature is perfect for summertime. This Fashionista’s top is a great example of how cute chiffon can be for everyday. Her top has a layered bib of chiffon that is very flattering. The added chiffon detailing on top of the plain jersey fabric really makes the top stand out. Take a look at some of the chiffon tops in the Joie summer collection. There is definitely a sheer sexiness to tops made of all chiffon.

Hint: Take these summer tops into the fall by throwing on a blazer. The chiffon will look ultra feminine underneath a structured blazer. This fall, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. Be stylish by wearing feminine touches (bows, pearls, etc.) and more masculine and edgy influences (chains, military buttons, etc.) together. Wear a chiffon dress underneath your anorak or a pearl necklace with a military-inspired sweater. To see a beautiful juxtaposition of menswear and feminine pieces in a collection, take a look at the Olsen twins’ Elizabeth and James collection.

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