TREND: Not Your Average Blue Jeans

On any given day, a girl goes into her closet, chooses her favorite jeans and runs out of the house to start her day. It may be the easy go-to, but this summer blue is taking on a whole new role. Popping a color this spring can been done in a number of ways, shapes, fabrics and accessories. It doesn’t even have to be the brightest of blues, but one accented colored piece is all one needs to stay with the brights trend.

I spotted this Fashionista walking the streets of New York sporting a clean pair of harem royal blue pants. She was wearing them with a flowered top, perfect for spring. Her top perfectly matched the blue pants, yet she was cautious not to overdue the pattern because the pants already have a lot going on.

The key thing to remember when buying harem pants is size. One doesn’t wa t to look like she’s wearing a garbage bag around her legs. They should fit around the waist with a little give below the waste and end with a tight finish around the ankle. A Fashionista doesn’t want to pair them with anything bulky on top either. Be aware of your proportions. Finally, I’d let them be the main piece of the outfit. Don’t overshadow them by overdoing accessories. Pair them with a great heel, or a jeweled flat and you’re ready for the runway.

To get a look like this Fashionista, you can find harem pants at ASOS Although they aren’t brights, they hold the same shape as hers. They’d go perfectly with this printed ASOS top because it adds a patterened detail to spice up the outfit.

In the future, play with other brights. What a better way to brighten up a gloomy day than with bright colors? Whether it be a top or another pair of pants, wear them confidently and inspire other Fashionistas to follow suit.

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