TREND: Not Your Boyfriend’s Sweater

With notes in hand, I spotted this studious Fashionista in the hustle and bustle of the second day of classes. Wearing an oversized cardigan, a collared white shirt, and a messenger bag, this Fashionista is breaking gender norms.

Androgyny is in. We have seen it everywhere, from oversized women’s watches to men’s deep V-necks. The trend has always been around, however, it was almost exclusive to musicians (i.e. David Bowie, Boy George, etc) and their fans and followers. It’s about time that androgyny become popular in fashion and for women to begin dressing more masculine. Androgyny is not about dressing like a women or dressing like a man. It is about sporting both male and female styles and characteristics. It’s about finding a nice balance.

This Fashionista accomplished this wonderfully as she adds feminine pieces and details to her oversized cardigan, collared white shirt, and messenger bag. With skinny jeans and tall riding boots, she maintains her feminine and petite figure. She is also wearing a colorful silk scarf with beautiful lilies on it that grab your attention. Underneath the scarf you can spot a gold-detailed elephant necklace that really makes this outfit (and her!) unique. Plus it’s good luck.

Remember when they used to say, “it’s the ‘90s!” Well, welcome to the 2010s, where androgyny has never been so well accepted by the mainstream public.

Hint: This look is easily acquirable what you’ll need the most is some guts. Banana Republic has some great collared shirts in their blouses and shirts section. This shirt looks just like the Fashionista’s. The Gap has an amazing sweater selection this fall. Included are some oversized sweaters such as this one. For unique accessories, like scarves and necklaces, Forever 21 and H&M have some cute but inexpensive choices.

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