TREND: Not Your Typical Indiana Girl

It is finally fall. This means that classes are back in full swing, group meetings are occurring, and events are happening all over campus. Homecoming will be here before you know it, which means campus will be flooded with the famous cream and crimson color scheme. Instead of blending into a sea of red and white this year, try an outfit that is more fashion forward like this Fashionista did.

All eyes are on her, in this neutral ultra feminine ensemble. Shorts, like the ones shown, have reappeared this season but don’t worry, as it's not hard finding the perfect pair. This Fashionista has found a flattering pair that begin in the middle of the waist. Try this pair of high-waist shorts help elongate your figure and give the illusion that you are taller. The sheer lace sleeveless cardigan paired on top of her tank allows some femininity to shine through while still maintaining a casual look. For your feet, try a pair of oxfords. These shoes have been spotted everywhere and they are the perfect alternative to our over-worn flats and sandals

Another reason that I was drawn to this Fashionista was because of her circle scarf. As we saw last fall, these scarves are versatile and come in many colors and patterns. This particular scarf, adds texture and volume to her outfit to give it a polished look. For this scarf, I would recommend American Apparel because they have various colors and prints. Don’t be afraid to step out of the cream and crimson colors but always remember you’re a Hoosier.

Hint: For another fun way to wear the circle scarf, try opening up the fabric and place it around your shoulders as a shawl. It is a great alternative to a simple jacket and you will get points for being creative.

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