TREND: Not Your Typical Pair of Jeans

You honestly never know what variations of street style you’re going to see walking through Georgetown’s M Street. There is no one style that I would say dominates the area, though many would assume it would be the all-American prep look because we are in such close proximity to Georgetown University. However, no matter how many times I venture into Georgetown, there is always a growing number of the stylish and unique amongst the crowd. As stores such as Rag & Bone and Madewell open up their doors to the community, local shoppers are able to branch out from the norm and mix up their wardrobe. I spotted this Fashionista a few times as I wandered in and out of stores and admired her clean-cut, yet distinctive look. What caught my eye were her jeans that are tailored like no jeans I have seen before. With a side closure, this allows for the pocket detailing on the front. This pair of jeans is almost a combination of high-waisted and boyfriend jeans. The tight fit on the waist of the jeans shows off detailing, while the legs have a much looser fit. With all the detail on the jeans, her choice of a simple white T-shirt works perfectly. To finish it off, her strappy, wooden-heeled shoes give a pop of vintage charm. They add a whole other dimension to the outfit, as they are distinctive but not overbearing. All together, this Fashionista’s look is fresh and summer-chic for a stroll around D.C.

Hint: Try these chambray pants to get a look similar to this Fashionista and top it off with a pair of practical, strappy, day heels from Madewell to add a bit of flare to any look.

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