TREND: Not Your Typical Print

Ok Fashionistas I know its hot out, and I know some days the LAST thing you want to think about it putting together a perfectly chic summer outfit full of accessories and layered pieces. While it may be easiest to put on a simple tank & breezy workout shorts, why not stay true to your Fashionista style and spice it up with a funky printed tank. So on the next unbearably hot day remember less is more, but still try to keep it fun with prints & textures on your tank.

I spotted this Fashionista braving the heat while downtown shopping. While she doesn’t have a lot of pieces on, the ones she is wearing caught my attention. She looks cool and fun in this purple and blue printed top with jean shorts, and leather sandals. She is simple enough to stay cool, yet the print makes her stand out against the typical wife-beater tank. I also really liked her use of simple but practical accessories. Her across-the-shoulder purse is sturdy enough to carry all her belongings in, but won't weigh arm down. Also, i applaud her for not going the typical rubber flip flop way, the clean lines of her shoes lightens up her look making her look slim, not bulky. 

When searching for fun prints i found this floral tank in a perfect color and pattern and for a cool $25, you can't go wrong. For a dressy summer night don't feel like you need to layer on pieces to look cute, try this silk tank from J.Crew, the print is gorgeous and the silk is perfect for a dressed-up date. 

I wanted to find sandals like this Fashionista's and stumbled on a pair almost identical, this t-strap sandal is comfortable and sleek. 

Hint: So remember Fashionistas keep your hot summer day outfits 

  • simple, but with lots of pattern
  • light accessories that wont weigh you down while out and about
  • minimal accessories, let the print on your tank take all the attention!

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