TREND: Nude Shoes for You

Some people on this earth were simply blessed with legs that go on for miles and miles so that they tower above the rest of the population in their leggy glory. If you are not one of the select few, then fake it! I’m sure you’ve heard that black clothing is slimming, or that horizontal stripes create a wider looking body frame. Well, there is a lesser-known trick to make your legs look longer that involves a fabulous pair of nude shoes. The closer the color of the shoe to your skin color, the longer your legs will look. The color draws the eye to the line of the leg in its entirety; so even if you are wearing a dark pair of jeans like this Fashionista (at the Valley Magazine Fashion Show), your feet appear bare and your legs longer than if you were wearing a dark pair of ballet flats. Nude shoes, be it flats or heels, are also a great way to combat the stumpy effect of wearing pants or tights and shoes of the same color. Check out this great pair of studded nude shoes with a tiny wedge heel from Steve Madden. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and some super-trendy shoes, head over to and take a look at these gorgeous champagne heels for New Year’s, or this adorable pair of Oxford heels in a neutral hue. The best part about these shoes and color? They are great for year-round wear!

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