TREND: Oh, How Lacey

This Fashionista’s mostly black ensemble is different from what you typically see people wearing in the summer heat. But that is what drew me towards her look. Her black tank dress with a lace overlay is simple yet bold. This Fashionista’s outfit clearly shows off her aesthetic, which is what I love about it.

Black is probably one of the only colors that one can wear head-to-toe. I mean imagine if you wore a look created entirely of the color red or yellow, it would be a little ridiculous. Yet not many people take the risk and wear all black.

The lace dress that this Fashionista wore is a very basic shape but what makes it really special is the lace overlay. Lace can take a boring shirt and make into some magnificent. The brown leather belt that she used to emphasize her dress is a nice touch that was unexpected considering every other item she has on is black.

My second favorite part of her look are her oversized sunglasses. I love how dark they are; you can’t see behind the lense at all. The shape of these glasses are so rocker-edgy, especially since they are set against her blunt bangs.

Her black leather bag is such an easy shape that I quickly fell in love with it. Also, while it may be hard to see, there are studs lining the bottom of the bag. That detailing makes it even more special. Next come her mid-calf pointed toe boots. They complete the look that this Fashionista was going for, and add a definite edge. Though I do think that a pair of flats or sandals would also look amazing with her outfit.

Take it from this Fashionista and stay true to your aesthetic, no matter what time of year it is.

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