TREND: Oh My, Knee High!

Knee high socks often remind me of the dreadful style that Holly Madison had from The Girls Next Door, but Blair Waldorf has recently helped their popularity. After spotting this Fashionista, I immediately think of knee high socks as a key fashion accessory. Being able to incorporate this new trend into your wardrobe will be a breeze because you can wear them with just about any dress, skirt, or short. For example, this Fashionista paired her knee high tube socks with a high-waist skirt for more coverage. The proportion of her short skirt and the knee high socks help elongate her body and make her legs appear longer. If you’re not totally comfortable with this idea yet, try wearing a pair of boots over them so they are just peeking out over the top. It will add that accessorized look, but won’t be the main attraction just quite yet.

What instantly caught my eye was her blue and yellow floral top. Even though the colors are bold it works perfectly because the rest of her outfit is in a subdued neutral color palette and the top is the showstopper. No one ever said that everything has to match perfectly but it should compliment the other pieces and that is exactly what this top does. For a similar look, try this bold floral top designed by Paul Smith.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice the most unique trinket around her neck. It is an Indian inspired necklace intricately made with beautiful beading that doubles as a small purse. Adding those one-of-a-kind accessories to your outfit will be the deciding factor that will make you stand out of the crowd. 

Hint: There are a huge variety of knee socks out there for every unique individual. Mix up your wardrobe with a classic argyle (Very Blair Waldorf), solid, or a lace pair of knee high socks. 

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