TREND: OK, GO socks!

I know coats are a necessity as the weather begins to turn for the worst, but today's Fashionista confirmed that the "it" coat this season at Oregon, is the trench. A trench coat has diversity as it can be matched with any outfit, day or night.

Despite the shine of her trench coat, she also sported a cool black moto-bag and attention grabbing red rocks. The three elements of her ensemble: a trench coat, moto-bagk and chunky socks made her a trendsetter and stand out amongst the sea of students on campus. 

Hint: If you are looking for more a playful and puckish style, try adding some bright color socks to your wardrobe. I highly recommend these Art Deco Socks and Happy Socks Barb Wire Sock which are a bit unique from normal everyday socks.



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