TREND: Old School Rules

At some point, despite the resistance, studying needs to get done. That means turning off your computer, TV, iPod, and cell phone. While denying yourself the luxuries of technology, look to some old school fashions that might not be as entertaining, but equally luxurious.

If you are going to have to lug all your books to the library, you might as well do it in style. Backpacks are incredibly practical, and there is no doubt there are stylish ones out there. The fashionable tote is equally functional and who doesn’t love a great Longchamp bag? But, rather than using these, look into a classic messenger bag. While generally seen on men, there is no need to let that be the case forever. Messenger bags are classic and reminiscent of preppy old school fashion. This kind of trend needs to be revived, in the name of fashion, and studying of course. Somehow, it becomes less of a pain to carry books around when you put them in a messenger bag like this Fashionista. While her utility jacket and black denim shorts and tights ensemble is fashionable, her Barbour messenger stands out in the crowd. Definitely made to withstand both wear and time, the leather bag has old school charm that cannot be denied.

Barbour makes a similar model in a dark chocolate leather as well. If you have really embraced the olive color this season, this Fenton Holdall might be the one for you. This caramel colored style is also fashionable with its contrasting leather trims. When it comes to school, the old rules apply: reading the book goes a long way and starting a paper before the night it is due is best. But, as we all know, easier said than done. Stick to the classics like a leather messenger bag, and you might be better off than before.

Hint: Do research on your messenger prospects. While these leather ones are great, there might be other styles that are more to your taste. Even though a good bag is always an investment, make sure it is right for you.

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