TREND: (Olive) Green with Envy

I'm a huge fan of military-inspired looks, and because olive green is such a prominent color among military-themed pieces, I attribute my growing love of this shade to my obsession with the military style. Especially when juxtaposed next to other cool winter hues like black or charcoal, I can't help but get excited when I see individuals dressed in anything olive green. 

This Fashionista is proudly sporting an olive green toned scarf, an accessory which instantly caught my attention. With her scarf, this Fashionista is wearing charcoal gray colored skinnies, black motorcycle boots, a white tank, and an oversized black cashmere sweater from Vince. For her books, this Fashionista is carrying an oversized Louis Vuitton hobo, whose colors complement her outfit's military-like tones. This Fashionista is (unknowingly) helping me spread my enthusiasm for olive green throughout campus, and I'm excited to see how many more students pick up on this fabulous trend.

Hint: Add a pop of olive green to your winter styles. I recommend small olive green accessories, like beaded or wrap bracelets. Or, try adding an olive green scarf to your look if you're in the mood to be slightly more bold (as this Fashionista did). Regardless of how you decide to incorporate this color, though, almost anything in olive green is eye-catching and fashion-forward, so don't be afraid to experiment with this great color!

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