TREND: One Piece, Countless Ways

Do you have one piece of clothing that stands out from the rest of your closet? This could be the one article that you could wear everyday if you had to. It does not have to be necessarily the most fashionable piece, but maybe a piece you feel most comfortable in and works well with everything with in your wardrobe. A true Fashionista would consider this a go-to piece. Everyone one should have one, but imagine building seven looks off of that one simple piece. For example, a simple pair of blue jeans could be mixed and matched throughout the week with tee shirts, blouses, cardigans, blazers, pumps and flats.

Today's Fashionista whispered a little secret in my ear after I took this photo of her. She told me she had worn her black blazer every day of that week. She explained that earlier in the week she had paired the blazer with a pair of skinnies and a white tee shirt. Another day, she wore the blazer with a skirt and loosely fitting blouse. Today she dressed it up a bit for her on campus interview. The Fashionista wears a black fitted blazer that she pairs with a very flattering dress. The dress is colorful enough to add visual interest, but simple enough not to distract the interviewer. The Fashionista adds in a pair of black leggings and some grey flats to complete her look. Not only does she look polished and stylish, she demonstrates a very useful tool in how to re-use one article of clothing.

Hint: Adding simple accessories like a broche, scarf, or even rolling up the sleeves of the blazer could transform the entire look. Explore every possibility when wearing the same article of clothing on numerous occasions to camouflage multiple uses.

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