TREND: One Whimsical Week

It's an odd thing, but I always feel most confident in costume. When Halloween comes around it's safe to say that I am on top of my game and feeling like a rock star. Fashion Week seems to have the same affect on students around campus.

Though many ensembles on the runway have conservative Fashionistas/ Fashionistos waiting for their counterparts to come to a department store near them, a select few (such as this Fashionisto) step-up and recreate those dramatic looks on their own. This Fashionisto collaborated a candy colored striped shirt, denim vest, destroyed jeans, and lastly (and most importantly) a very large top hat.  

Fashion Week also has designers going over the top. Betsey Johnson's spring 2011 line looks as if she pulled characters from a story book right off the page and onto the runway. Her cast includes sailors, ballerinas, and even a multicolored Cinderella

When deliberating a dramatic ensemble of your own, in honor of fashion week, try adding simple and bold accessories to an outfit you already own. Adding a pair of clear sunglasses adds stylish and daring attitude to any ensemble. Or take a cue from this Fashionisto and try a hat of your own. This mini top hat hair clip pinned on the side of the head is the perfect addition for any night out outfit. 

Hint: If you want to show of your trendy side but want to avoid being a distraction in class, try focusing on one element of an outfit rather than incorporating numerous dramatic pieces together. One benefit of this fashion strategy is you can spread out your favorites and look subtly stylish each day.

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