TREND: Opaque Tights

The best part about accessories is that they have the power to turn an outfit from good to great in a matter of minutes. When it comes to utilizing fashion accessories, most Fashionistas immediately seek out their favorite pieces of jewelry, handbags, or even a pair of shoes to add some creativity and distinction to their look.

This fall, opaque tights have become increasingly popular and are making their way to the top of the accessory line-up. Ranging in color and style, these tights are perfect for fall temperatures, and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Not only are they great for warmth, but a pair of opaque tights can make your outfit more exclusive and original.

Today’s Fashionista chose to pair black opaque tights with her outfit, creating a distinct and contemporary look. She has paired them with a black skirt, black boots and a black leather jacket. Primarily wearing a black ensemble, this Fashionista chose to feature small, yet stand out touches of color to her look. Pairing a white shirt with her black ensemble adds contrast, while her over-sized red bag serves as the perfect eye-catching and statement making accessory.

To get this look, try incorporating a pair of opaque tights with your next outfit. In addition to opaque tights, there are also tons of textured, lace, and animal print options to choose from.

Hint:  American Apparel and Urban Outfitters both offer large selections with many different colors to choose from.

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