TREND: Out With The Old, In With The Spring

Most of us are probably all wishing "I want summer to be here already!". I mean, it is spring but it sure doesn't feel like it during finals week here in Boston. And unfortunately, it's not going to warm up anytime soon because the weather forecast for the next 10 days is rain, rain, and more rain. The good news is, this doesn't mean you can't get ready for spring or even summer wear. So go ahead and shop your sorrows and stress away. 

One thing to keep in mind while you shop, is floral print dresses. Even though the sun isn't out, you can wear dresses in rain or shine like this Fashionista does. She pairs her floral dress with her leather jacket, stockings and boots perfectly, to match the current weather in Boston. Forever 21 has a variety of new arrivals, but their new dresses are very cute and very affordable. Some of my favorites are the Midnight Floral Dress, Yellow Floral Dress, and the Abstract Print Dress. One thing these dresses all have in common is that they're all bright pastel tones which is very in for this spring. And with the right accessories, you can jazz up your look in any way. d

Another key point in this Fashionista's outfit is her bright red mini-satchel. It complements the blue tones of her dress, and it gives her entire ensemble a more spring feel. This Tomato Cross-Body Bag by Valentino is an amazing accessory for this spring. But for a more affordable alternative, this Rebecca Minkoff 3 Zip Rocker Bag would work well with any kind of outfit as well. 

The next week will be rainy. But that doesn't mean you can't brighten up the streets of Boston with your floral prints and spring colors. Think of shopping as a remedy, and good luck with finals, Fashionista/os! 

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