TREND: Outerwear as Spirit Wear

Walking around campus, I am constantly seeing students wearing BU clothing. While traditionally spirit wear is seen in the form of sweatshirts and hoodies,it is becoming more popular to show spirit in unique and fashionable ways. Wearing a T-shirt with Boston University printed on it is no longer the only way to show spirit. This Fashionista, for example, shows her BU pride through her red raincoat. She challenges the idea of traditional spirit wear in a fun and chic way. By pairing it with basic black skinny jeans and flats, the bright red coat becomes a standout piece in the outfit. She could easily wear this at a BU hockey game and fit in with the crowd of red and white. Wearing outerwear in school colors is not only functional for the Boston weather, but it is also stylish and shows school pride.

Her spirit style can easily be duplicated by any Fashionista who wants to add personality to their BU spirit wear. Just pair a simple pair of black flats with black skinny jeans and a chic piece of red outerwear. A great trench coat like our Fashionista’s is a super stylish choice. You can also pair your basics with a cute red blazer for a more sophisticated option. I also like the idea of wearing a red peacoat that will keep you warm when Boston gets cold. This trend proves that Fashionistas can be spirited without loosing their individual sense of style.

Hint: Looking for something a little more subtle to show your school spirit? Try a chunky knit cardigan or a college-inspired cardigan. Or if you want a piece with serious personality, try a red striped jacket.

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