TREND: Over-Accessorize, not Overkill

Gone are the days of style-starved office staples. Our jobs and internships may dictate professionalism, but never should our personal style suffer, nor play second fiddle to the polyester pantsuit. I spotted this Fashionista at the light rail station on her way to a summer graphic design internship and was immediately inspired by her accessory load. Heavily embellished sandals, a croc-embossed messenger bag, spoked statement necklace AND an armored belt? Traditionally, this look would have fashion rule makers shaking heads in disapproval, but, rather than overkill, it works. She opted for a simple Forever 21 shift dress as a canvas on which to add hints of trend and individuality. The key to keeping it work and budget appropriate is to purchase classic, structured and neutral pieces to keep on rotation as the bases to your trendy accessories.

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