TREND: Oxford Shoes

Although the trend in Japan eccentrically embraced men wearing leggings underneath shorts, we Americans have adopted a less controversial style of our own, pairing this summer's rising hemlines of men's shorts with the classic Oxford shoes. This particular Fashionisto showcased his Oxfords without the distraction of pant legs covering the delicate designs of his leather shoes. Oxfords come in many different shapes and colors. I'm particularly infatuated with the pale brown to espresso coloring with the pointed toe, which, I think, is reminiscent of the old English.

The play on proportional lengths also lured in glances. If women can get away with vacillating between hemline lengths, men should too. The best way to compensate for the extra leg skin is to atone for it up top, with either full sleeves or even a thicker fabric. I also encourage layering pieces of clothing. The Fashionisto exemplified this method by allowing the collar of his button up to peak out from underneath his sweater. Though his sweater boasted bold stripes, the little collared detail created an interesting charm.

The beginning of summer always welcomes the start of internships. While business American may not allow such outfits as this, if a job allows for a less conservative ensemble, this Fashionisto perfected the blend between personal style and professionalism.

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