TREND: Pairing Perfection

In this day and age, pretty much anything goes and with fashion icons such as Lady Gaga, it's clear there are no boundaries when it comes to style. Although the fashion world does seem to be a free for all, there is still a fine line separating stellar style and fashion failure. Most outfits can be saved with superb styling and accessorizing, which I believe is just as important as the clothes your wearing. Knowing which accessories compliment what outfit and which trends can be paired together is a crucial skill  every Fashionista/o must exercise. Poor pairing can land you a spot on the dreaded 'Fashion Don't' list, which is every Fashionistas/os worst nightmare. 

This Fashionista this week exhibits perfect pairing, flaunting a playful outfit full of interesting textures and patterns. She rocks a long- sleeve, black turtle neck and a black and white striped skirt with a gray vest with a bit of floral pattern overtop. The skirt has white lace trim which, along with the floral print on the vest, adds a light, girlish touch to this otherwise dark ensemble. The key to her punchy look though, lies in her accessories: fringed boots, tights, flowery bag and funky sunglasses. Each accessory stays within the color palette, but adds a punch of excitement and flavor to her look. 

Mixing patterns has been a reoccurring trend, primarily because designers like to experiment with different prints. It's always a fun way to spice up your usual outfit, but this trend can be disastrous if not paired correctly. Always use a big bold print, and then match it with a smaller print with similar colors. Also, use different textures. For example pair a tartan, wool blazer with a striped cotton blouse. The trick is to make sure each patterned piece doesn't overpower another one. A great way to break up patterns is to add accessories. Tights are a girls go-to item to make a skirt wearable into the cooler weather and while tights are functionable, they also lend a chic look to any outfit. They can be understated and classic, similar to our Fashionista's muted black tights or you can make a statement with a pair of flashy, colored tights, such as this Fashionista.

Hint: When you mix and match accessories and prints, stick with 2-3 colors that are complementary. Don't know what colors are complementary? Use this helpful article as a guide. 

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