TREND: Parisian Romance

Change is fast approaching, whether it's the leaves, the season, or a Fashionista’s wardrobe. No Fashionista would let the world change around her without adjusting her wardrobe, and the back-to-school season is no exception. Just before class commences, the shopping and closet raiding does, leaving us all with a brand new look. While the shopping is in session, try out the tent-shirt trend, like this Fashionista.  

A loose top is a great transitional piece to ease into the school year; it can be worn with a pair of shorts in the first few days of school when it’s still hot, in the fall with a pair of skinny jeans, or belted in the winter with a sweater over it. This Fashionista provides the perfect example of progression from season to season with her loose silk top, skinny jeans, and sandals. This is a great first day of school outfit; you won’t be too hot, yet you’ll still be able to debut your new fall fashions.

This trend evokes a certain Parisian romance; a certain leaves-falling, starry-night, Eiffel Tower love affair with Fashion. Get lost in the billows of this blouse that bring back that bygone European charm. Let this season’s wardrobe change be a passport to Paris.

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