TREND: Parkas, Please

Cold weather? Heavy coats? No, not yet. Fall weather is still upon us, which is the season I enjoy the most. A crisp, sunny day like today where the air is refreshing when you step outside and the sun’s rays prevail through the clouds that have been gray prior to today. No need for the hassle of heavy winter or rain gear, just the need for your favorite sunglasses. I love fall jackets because they are more of an accessory than a necessity, therefore it is possible to have trendier options. This Fashionista’s parka not only is the perfect weight for this weather, but it is also versatile for it is spacey enough to fit a thick knit underneath when the temperature actually does decide to drop. She finishes her outfit off with a pair of brown lace-up combat boots – something I have yet to invest in but every time I see them I am more tempted!

I like the light brown, distressed leather of this Fashionista’s boots in particular. I have become accustomed to the more widely worn black ones, however brown adds another element. The color of these boots is ideal and brown with black is another reoccurring trend being worn by many. So, if you are pondering over getting a new pair of boots over the upcoming break or putting it on your Christmas list, add a pair of trendy brown boots to mix things up.

Hint: Once the weather actually does get colder, this fur-hooded parka would be perfect to keep warm whilst maintaining this overall look. Also, to have a go with a completely different look with combat boots why not try over the knee socks with tights and a pair of winter shorts.

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