TREND: Party Like a Fashionista

I’m not sure what’s prettier in this picture: the picturesque sunset or the flirty cheetah print mini-dress that this Fashionista is rocking. I like how she pairs the dress with a light wash denim jacket tied at the bottom and a heart pendant. This outfit is perfect for going out and dancing the night away. It's sexy and eye catching without being “too much."  Celebrities have been wearing denim jackets and vests over dresses a lot recently — everyone from Rihanna to Chloe Sevigny and Kim Kardashian. I think it’s a great way to mix a little western with your look, be it casual or party. It makes your ensemble look laid back, and gives you an extra layer so you won’t be cold when you’re hailing a cab outside at the end of the night! Hopefully you still have your old denim jacket from the 90's in your closet, because fashion, like history, repeats itself.

Tips for Wearing a Denim Jacket or Vest

1) Keep it close fitting, or a cropped style to make it modern instead of the overplayed 1990's look.

2) Do not wear denim jackets with other denim items. You don't want to look like you are at a rodeo!

3) Pair masculine with femine, casual with dressy, or wear denim thats a different color than your outfit to keep it interesting. 

4) Try faded, distressed, or studded to add dimension to your look.

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