TREND: Party Wear for the Fashion Minimalist

Fashionistas/os, I love to party.

And I’m sure you Fashionistas/os out there love to as well! Things are a little different on the party scene here in Boston, compared to what I’m used to, but one thing hasn’t changed: girls will always get glammed up for a night out on the town. I recently went out with some of my girl friends and I was so excited to see them all dolled up and outside of a classroom environment. They all came dressed to impressed and made some exciting fashion choices. Frankly, my friends looked FANTASTIC!

However, aside from bragging, this post is to point out the running trend in my friend’s outfits. The reason that they all looked so good is because they all chose outfits in colours that complemented their skin tones and in pieces that were appealing to the eye, while still keeping it appropriate for the beyond freezing Boston weather.

Katie’s cropped, cold shoulder, yellow top created some visual excitement and contrasted her black jeans. The yellow of the top was also the ideal shade to complement her long blonde tresses. She added accessories sparsely which helped to bring the focus up to her face.

Cassie’s grey party top with black embellishments helps to draw the eyes up towards her face and her cute bob haircut. Her black boyfriend jacket adds a final touch. She also wisely shys away from overpowering her look with too many accessories. The detailing in her top is more than enough.

Roni’s pink (salmon?) top give her a rosy glow and flushes her naturally, removing the need for much makeup. The shade also helps to bring out her beautiful brown hair.

Shannon’s black jeans and black boots give her a lengthening look and the draping on her top adds interest and mimics the waves in her hair.

So here’s what I’ve learned. The key to a great party look is this: Simplicity. Choose two or three complementary colours or one central colour and stick to those. Keep accessories minimal. (Who wants to have to remember all thoses pieces anyway?) and wear items that complement YOUR body. The biggest mistake that girls make is to wear clothes that are in style, rather than clothes that flatter them. Do all that, and you’ll be ready to paint the town red in no time!

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