TREND: Pashmina Perfection

Fall weather always means lots of layers. As the temperature plummets, Fashionistas start covering up to keep warm. But staying warm doesn't mean bundling up into a unrecognizable ball of cotton and faux fur. Any true Fashionista can tell you that keeping warm while staying stylish during the fall is all about choosing the right warm accessories. Disappearing into sweaters in NOT the answer, but dressing to impress without freezing isn't as difficult as it seems.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of the way she expertly combined timeless fall staples to create a look that was stylish, artful and WARM. She also managed to incorporate lots of fall colors into one look without looking overdone or gaudy.

From her gray boots that complemented and set off her darker gray wool cardigan to her army green tank to her gorgeous two-toned pashmina, this Fashionista mastered all the elements of fall fashion.

My favourite thing about this Fashionista's look was her beautiful two-toned pashmina. The colors in the fabric perfectly complemented her skin tone and brought an interesting color element into her look. The fabric was the perfect way to introduce a new color into her palette without straying to far from the colors she was already wearing,

To emulate this Fashionista's style, choose the most important base piece that you'll be depending on to keep you warm and then dress to complement it. In love with your new faux fur stole? Build your outfit around it and wear it with your best pair of leggings, a long-sleeved top and finish with fur-trimmed booties for good measure. Add some well placed statement accessories and you're ready to go.

Hint: For a really good selection of pashminas in different styles, prints and blends, check out The Pashmina Store online. The pashminas they offer are soft and comfortable and come in the richest, most beautiful colors. They even offer scarves and animal print shawls. They cost a little more that a college student might want to spend on an accessory, but they're beautiful, they are appropriate for any number of occasion, and ultimately they are well worth the investment.

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