TREND: Patterned Chunky Knits

When the highly-anticipated hints of spring begin to show up around campus, many students tend to get carried away. It seems as though the second temperatures break above freezing, students go from wearing snow pants to wearing shorts, from wearing shoes to wearing sandals, and from wearing scarves to wearing sunglasses. After all, 35 degrees can feel like 60 after three solid months of subzero temperatures. To say we are excited for spring would be an understatement; and while we would like to picture ourselves prancing around in patterned dresses and flowy skirts during the month of March, this is rarely an image of reality for those of us in the Midwest. We often find ourselves bundling up well into the month of March, and the cooler days of spring call for a little extra layering to stay warm. This Fashionista practices the power of layering, while still managing to look pulled together and pumped for spring. By pairing her patterned chunky knit sweater with a jewel-toned tee, this Fashionista takes a winter trend and transitions it perfectly for spring.

Also, by incorporating a chunky knit among her brightly-colored spring attire, walking to class on a cooler day is surely a little comfier and cozier for this Fashionista than for her flip-flop wearing counterparts. Chunky patterned knits are the perfect trend item to transition from winter to spring. The patterns possess the same amount of pizzazz as the other springtime prints we often see people sporting around campus, and we can stay warm at the same time. Patterned chunky knits also serve as a great substitute for that “tell-tale tailored jacket” you’re tired of wearing, after practically living in it all winter long.

Hint: If the idea of wearing a chunky knit for spring seems a little too “bulky” for you, throw on a skinny belt to create a little more shape at the waist.

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