TREND: Play Dress Up

When reminiscing on our early childhood years, one activity that frequently comes up is dress up. Back then, dressing up consisted of baby pink ballerina tutus, princess-like tiaras, and pearl necklaces draped around our necks that we would borrow from our mother’s jewelry box. Even though we are not five years old anymore, the passion and thrill of playing dress up has never faded. Hopefully the only change over the previous years was the transition of a small dress-up trunk into a closet full of accessories and unique clothing.

Everyone loves being able to wear that special feminine outfit that reminds you of when you were young. Since Labor Day is right around the corner, why not celebrate the achievements of American workers and the end of another summer by dressing up. Wearing a playful printed dress like this Fashionista did will help put you in the dress-up mood. Staying within the pastel color palette will deliver that ultra feminine appeal without having to go overboard with a costume. To add a little sparkle to the outfit, try a pair of similar jewel appliquéd heels from Gojane. A little goes a long way with accessories, so finding pieces that are extraordinary will add that perfect touch. 

No matter what your fondest memories of dressing up are, choose an outfit that ignites confidence because that is the best accessory anyone can ask for. Now lets thank the guardians who allowed us to express our creativity through the simple game of dress up because it encouraged us to transform into the true Fashionista/os that we are today! 

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