TREND: Be Playful in Plaid

With summer half way done, I know I am already beginning to think about fall and what comes to mind besides cool air, leaves changing, and Thanksgiving? Plaid of course! To me plaid has always seemed to be a fall pattern, but I spotted this Fashionista the rockin’ it in the summer. The lightweight three quarter length plaid shirt is perfectly paired with a simple pair of jean cut off shorts and brown strappy sandals. Her side pony gives a little country feel, making it more appropriate for these hot summer days. You may think it will be hard to find a plaid shirt in the summertime, but take a stroll you your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, and you are sure to find a classic plaid shirt. Even try a small men’s shirt for a more relaxed feel…better yet, sneak into your dad’s closet and I am sure you can find a plaid shirt that he won’t miss.  Or try a different style other than the standard oxford shirt…check out Heritage 1981, they have many tanks, tubes, and blouses with an allover plaid print. 

Another great thing about a plaid shirt is you really can accessorize in any way. You can add a lot of flair with a wide high-waisted belt, chunky jewelry, or an arm full of bangles; or keep it simple, as this Fashionista did, with a pair of stud earrings and simple brown gladiator sandals.

From a distance it may seem this Fashionista has simple stud earrings in, especially if you only see her from one side; but as you can see, she is wearing two different earrings! I have not seen this trend yet, but I kinda love it! It adds flair to any outfit and you can mix and match any earrings. So, if you are bored of your normal jewels, but don’t have the money to spend on new accessories, just mix and match! It can add playfulness to any outfit, such as this one, or it can dress things up. Imagine pairing a gold dangle earring with a plain gold stud. If the imbalance throws you off, put your hair in a side pony or bun and wear the dangle on the opposite side. It’s a great way to wear the big costume jewelry we all love, without it taking over your whole outfit!

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