TREND: Playing With Ruffles

It’s November and that means several things: amazing fall hues, Thanksgiving dinner (to which I bring along a post-feast pair of expanding, waistline-forgiving sweatpants), and our not so favorite front of cold weather. A Buffalo, NY native, I grew up with the cold, but that doesn’t mean I learned to like it. Being cold is one of my least favorite things in the entire world. So what’s one way I look forward to the all-inevitable, 30-degree cold weather? Jackets, jackets galore.

This Fashionsta perfectly personifies the reason why I courageously brave the permanently cool weather. The oversized ruffles in the jacket are flawless and are the best feature of this garment. If it weren’t for the ruffles, this would be just a common trench. Add some fabric, several gloriously gold buttons, a cinch at the waist, and we have ourselves a winner. In addition, the collar is incredible and gives her an aura of coolness that most popped polo collars fail (and often fail horribly) to do. With the rest of her outfit, she lets the coat take the cake. A subtly bedazzled black cotton tee paired with skinny jeans and black riding boots create an easy, fun, and classy look.

I must say that, most of the time, ruffles aren’t my thing. However, this Fashionista made me have a change of heart. I love how the ruffles in the jacket are big and bold. If you’re going to do ruffles, why not go all out? Little, tiny ruffles all over a garment can make it look overly cute. Large ruffles that are put in the right place on a garment, however, scream confidence and add a daring look to any wardrobe. If you’re looking to don a ruffle or two, check out this ruffle-back trench from Victoria’s Secret. This lightweight ruffled jacket from Forever 21 is a great pick as well.

If worn right, ruffles can add that extra punch you need to boost your look. Keep your eyes peeled! Whatever your style, you can find ruffles in the most unexpected places.

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