TREND: Playsuit or Worksuit?

It’s summer and the romper is in! Jumpsuits and rompers are the ultimate summertime clothing items seeing as they are completely functional and extremely versatile while still maintaining that necessary amount of comfort that is required in the triple-digit degrees that characterize this scorching season.

While the romper is often referred to as a “playsuit” or “jumpsuit,” it is more than just a simple 2-in-1, top and bottom apparel piece to casually throw on in one swift move. It possesses a significant amount of trendiness and style. The romper comes in many shapes, styles, fabrics, and colors making it the most versatile piece of clothing your closet will ever see. It can be worn casually in a cotton or chiffon floral print with sandals or over a bathing suit for your essential summertime activities such as sidewalk strolling or beach frolicking. HOWEVER, it can also be sported in satin or silk with some colorful heels for a night out on the town like the featured Fashionista. In addition to the satin and heels, throw on a blazer over your romper, and you have the ultimate outfit for a cool summertime internship-breezy and beautiful, but still professional.

I spotted this Fashionista at a local downtown coffee shop/bar/lounge. Of course I would run into chic romper-wearing Fashionistas like this lovely lady at such a trendy hot spot. Wearing a bright two-tone, belted satin jumpsuit with matching shoes, a cute clutch, and — best of all — glow stick bracelets, this Fashionista was obviously ready for some fun. However, taking the classic and conservative silhouette of her romper into consideration, this piece could clearly be worn in the workplace.

All of you hip interns out there, be aware of the presence of the romper. You can find the perfect playsuit for you at any fashionably up-to-date store or boutique. Try Nasty Gal’s Silk Plunge Romper for an internship, Metropark’s Satin Strapless Romper for a classy night out, or Topshop's Berry Floral Playsuit for a day under the summer sun. Rompers are perfect for any occasion, day or night, so get your hands on one…or five!

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