TREND: Polka-Dots

As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, there are just some patterns that naturally evoke the feelings of summer. Floral is one. Stripes are another. But my favorite this summer, and the recent favorite of designers like Phillip Lim, Moschino, and Valentino (to name just a few!), is polka-dots. Something about the way it playfully breaks up an otherwise monotonous outfit, the way it demands attention like a target, makes the pattern an effortless complement to the festivities of summer.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to campus, embracing the sun in her polka-dotted ensemble. She referenced the vintage-inspired feel of her dress with a pair of strappy suede sandals and a woven belt. Though she used the dress as a makeshift bikini cover-up, the look would transition easily into a nighttime date outfit.

Hint: It’s hard to mess up with polka-dots. One of the best things about the pattern is its versatility. Try them in dress form like this Fashionista did, or be adventurous in a pair of this season’s polka-dotted pants. Keep the color scheme classic (try something navy with white dots) and then pair your dots with something bold like a contrasting pattern, or bright accessories. Think this skirt with this top or these shoes. And don’t save this trend for weekends only; a dotted blouse or skirt is definitely office appropriate. In regard to polka-dots, the only thing limiting your outfit options is your own creativity!

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TREND: Polka Dots!

Picking the perfect outfit for class can sometimes be difficult. This is too risque for class, that looks like your mom would wear it. I occasionally find myself changing outfits multiple times.

But, take a hint from this Fashionista for a simple, perfect look for class…

She paired a polka dot dress with a black knit vest to create a comfy outfit that says, “I’m studious, but darling too.” The glasses only add to both.

Hint: Remove the vest and you have a great nighttime look! Then pair it with these and if it is cold out, you can never go wrong with a biker jacket to add an edge.

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