TREND: Power of Paisley

Lots of outfits I see on campus are layered and “piecey”. Many students have practiced and perfected the technique of combing tights, various oversized things, belts and cardigans to create a great outfit. But somehow this gets repetitive, boring. This Fashionista’s style is simple and easy. Her paisley-printed purple mini-dress is fun and attractive. (I was going to say “pretty” but that’d be too many p’s) It’s a bold print that’s eye-catching enough; the outfit doesn’t need to be too cluttered.  Personally, I wouldn't have thought to wear this pashmina scarf with the dress because the colors and patterns are so similar.  But she pulls it off with this 'don't think too hard about it' attitude. Altogether, her look is relaxed and flattering. Lesson of the day: less pieces, more print.

Hint: This maxi-dress by Mango totally embodies the relaxed and simple look. And while paisley can be grandfatherly-looking (in a not-so-good, outdated way), here it looks young and fresh. Thanks, spring fashion.


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