TREND: Prepster Chic

Just because the school year has ended and you have traded in your skinny jeans and chunky sweaters for billowy dresses and bikinis does not mean that you have to abandon your style. Take this Fashionista for example, she mixed her signature preppy style with a pair of laid back denim shorts to form a look that accentuates both summertime chic and prep.

While this Fashionista’s outfit screams “prepster” in her Ralph Lauren button down, Gap shorts, P45 shoes and necklace from Banana Republic there are other ways to wear the prepster chic look. For example, one could try this top from Lacoste with these Vineyard Vines shorts. Or if you are tired of constantly wearing the shirt and shorts look, I love this casual yet adorable dress from Lacoste!

What really completes this fashionista’s look is not necessarily the Ralph Lauren top and Gap shorts but the way that she accessorizes her look. The yellow floral statement necklace from Banana Republic and her P45 shoes are the perfect contrast for all of the blue that she has on. Both her shoes and necklace spice up what could have been a very plain outfit. Also both the blue and yellow complement the color of her hair amazingly. Remember that it is extremely important to know what colors complement each other, and most importantly which colors look best against your skin tone and hair color! Finally, to make her ensemble complete she added a brown leather weaved belt and a brown leather bag. Both of these pieces add something to her outfit without overpowering and taking away from the rest of the look.

Overall, I would say that this Fashionista did a wonderful job putting together her laid back summer prep/chic look.  

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