TREND: Printed Ponchos

Currently, my favorite winter staple is an oversized printed poncho that my mom bought me from Anthropologie. The print contains brown, white, and yellow hues, and because it's wool, it's perfect for D.C.'s freezing cold temperatures. When I returned to campus this past week, I was happy to see that many of my fellow GW students are also sporting this fad – I keep seeing Fashionistas and Fashionistos meandering through campus in similar ponchos in brightly-colored prints.

This Fashionista is sporting this exact type of printed poncho that I adore (and can't stop wearing). Her poncho is printed with a combination of red, gray, white, and black colors, and its oversized cut and thick fabric screams warmth and comfort. So, to not take away from the pattern of the poncho, this Fashionista has opted to wear black skinny jeans and brown Frye boots. To complement her outfit, this Fashionista has expertly added a big scarf, and its mustard-yellow color complements the poncho's print very well. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a charcoal gray hobo bag that easily and stylishly transports her books to and from class.

Hint: Don't hesitate to experiment with a printed poncho or sweater jacket! With your comfy top, add skinny cargos or black leggings and motorcycle boots. This look is a great way to stray from the stereotypical all-black winter look, and will keep you comfortable, warm, and fashion-forward on campus this season!

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