TREND: Prints, Layers, and Textures

With school starting in only a month, it's time to put away your light, bright and, airy clothing. But you might be left wondering what you should wear on those walks to class? Bring on prints, textures, and layers. It is easy to throw on random pieces to make an outfit funky and visually intriguing. This look is not for the faint-of-heart Fashionista. It's edgy meets put-together, a collection of every Fashionista's favorite pieces put together to throw off the typical trend. In a few words it’s bold, eclectic, and personal. Every piece put into an outfit reflects a part of the Fashionista's personality and story, making the outfit so much more than just an outfit.

While this Fashionista has several eye-catching pieces on, I wanted to focus on her scarf, shirt, and killer boots. She found the red printed tube top in a small botique in San Fransisco on a trip with friends, but I found a beaded top with print and loose fit similar to my Fashionista's, paired with leggings and boots and her outfit will be complete. For a scarf with simple classic colors try this ornamental scarf — wrapped around you it will add a layer of visual interest. For boots that are comfortable and can be worn with any outfit, try these adorable suede cowboy boots. These boots can be worn with jeans into the winter, or paired with leggings for a casual day out.

So remember, Fashionistas, try layering your favorite pieces for uniquely perfect outfits well into the semester.  

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