TREND: Purdue Blackout

Hey Fashionistas, finals week is over. A week filled with all nighters and early exams. The last things on our minds was looking trendy for the five hours of studying each night in the library. Instead we just want to wear our pjs and pray that we see no one we know.

This is exactly why I am in love with tights. Tights with a cotton T-shirt dress is the perfect option when cramming for a test. It’s comfy and still presentable and cute. A good way to dress this look up is wearing all black and adding simple accessories.

This Fashionista I spotted at The Black Sparrow was looking chic in her all black ensemble. I also liked how she paired two necklaces together of different lengths.

For shoes, girls ditch those ugg boots. There IS a reason they are called Ugg. Try some motorcycle boots for a change. This trend is catching on fast, and it is really refreshing to see some new footwear this winter. See you all back on campus in January.

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