TREND: Purple and Chunky Necklaces

Looking for a new bold color to try for the end of the winter season? Try purple! If you watched the Golden Globes two weeks ago, then I'm sure you've seen many celebs sporting various purple hues for their gowns. Anyone can get attention wearing some sort of purple in their outfit! This Fashionista shows this is true by standing out in her bright purple shirt. Her outfit gives just enough statement without over-doing it. My favorite part of her outfit though, is her bold necklace. It goes great with her shirt, since it is plain, giving it that extra touch. Although earrings are my choice of accessory, this Fashionista makes me want to try a necklace! This look is easy for anyone to try. This statement necklace is perfect for dressing up any outfit. Also try this cardigan if you are now urging to get purple in your wardrobe!

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