TREND: Rad in Plaid

 Although the typical textiles we often see during the spring are usually limited to the ever-so-popular floral print, as well as a wide array of brights, this Fashionista has taken a typical and trusty fall trend and made it “work” within her spring wardrobe. This Fashionista pairs her dual-toned plaid teal button-down with a simple pair of skinny jeans, her Sperry’s, and a basic brown messenger bag—a simple look that’s perfect for a casual stroll around campus as the school year winds down. A plaid button down also offers a perfect way for Fashionistas to have some fun with color on those cooler springtime days and nights where we would normally bundle up a bit more. Plaid button-downs are durable and can be cared for with ease, making them a great wardrobe choice for your more active springtime days—I even found this Fashionista longboarding in her’s! As far as color goes, the key to effectively adding plaid to your springtime wardrobe lies within the particular item itself. The plaid piece you choose to incorporate amongst your attire should be one with a vibrant or seasonal hue, as shown by this Fashionista. Also, choosing a plaid print that utilizes two vibrant colors within the same color palette allows the print to “work” during the spring season.

Hint: Fellow Fashionista’s should avoid wearing plaid in darker colors like black, brown, and gray. These colors are similar to those commonly worn in the fall and they often appear to be out-of-season and offbeat when worn during the springtime.

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